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QC Series PTO Generators 120/240 Single Phase

Designed for mobile or standby electrical power, the QC series tractor powered generator is ideal for your farm or rural property. At 100% load, these QC PTO models offer 12 KW to 100 KW and momentary surge from 25 up to 300 KW. To determine exactly how much power you need, you can find specific information on our website by using our Power Calculator as well as our Principles Chart, which outlines which QC PTO generator model will best suit your property’s power requirements.


All Baumalight products are sold through our network of equipment dealers. For you, this means better product support, after-sales service, maintenance and product warranty from your local, trusted dealership Click here to find a local dealer.

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Pairing your PTO generator with your tractor’s powerful engine and converting that power into electricity gives you a convenient and reliable back-up and remote power solution for your property – simply by using your tractor. Before setting your PTO speed, ensure that the PTO driveline is perpendicular with the generator transmission. If necessary, remove the bolt and adjust the trailer tongue. This will help the shaft to stay straight with no bend in the universal joint on the generator side while ensuring a more consistent PTO speed and helping with vibration.

QC Easy Set Up


QC PTO generators provide convenient and reliable back-up and remote power for your property – simply by using your tractor. All QC PTO generators come with a full-load main outlet, along with a higher-than-average number of plug-in options – giving you several different ways to use your generator.

QC PTO Generator connection panels feature full load connectors with a lockable cover and multiple receptacles with overload protection for safe, simple operation.

QC 65 Generators


Designed to meet the needs of your operation, the QC PTO generators are built for 24 Hr. 7 day a week dependability. The heavy-duty genset features a cast-iron body with four oversized copper windings for more efficient power generation. Integrated cooling fans allow for venting at the front and back of the genset.

QC 19 Generator


Designed exclusively for Baumalight QC PTO generators, the DisplayMaster1 is your guide for quick, easy setup and an "at a glance" monitor of key performance factors. The intuitive three light system gives instant feedback whether over or under speed. The DisplayMaster1 screen also shows the generator’s voltage, frequency and amperage; KW, KVA and Power Factor; runtime and KW hours; and peak/average KVA.

Baumalight generator display panel


With Baumalight’s Reset Circuit Breakers, you can protect your PTO generator against short-circuit damage without the worry of blown fuses. When your PTO generator experiences a power surge, simply reset the breaker and restart the generator.

Reset circuit breakers

Brushless Design

For improved and reliable performance, the brushless design on your QC PTO tractor-driven generator provides efficient operation with the same power output as conventional brushes, but which are lighter, less noisy and require less maintenance over time without the added risk of sparks

Baumalight brushless design generators

4 oversized Copper Windings

Baumalight QC PTO generators run on four oversized copper windings, reducing the RPM of the unit and increasing the quality and stability of the power – giving you nearly three times the momentary surge capacity over their rated power, with the exception of the QC12 and QC19 models.

Baumalight generators heavy copper windings.jpg

Internal speed at load

The durable QC gear box turns the tractor’s PTO RPM into 1,800 RPM internally. This lower operating speed increases duty cycle and operating life and means less friction, heat, and wear over a longer period of time, ensuring a longer life for your generator.

Baumalight generator internal operating speed 1800 rpm

Speed indicating lights

Getting the power up and running is a simple task with the intuitive three light system. The bright LEDs give instant feedback whether over or under speed. Once the optimal PTO speed is reached, the green light is lit and you are ready to go.

Baumalight generator speed indicating lights

Automatic voltage regulation

Our automatic voltage regulation keeps power stable within 1% plus or minus from 64 down to 56 Hz, allowing for near constant voltage in the case of an unexpected load variation. This protects your generator from harm and provides a superior quality of power regardless of your property’s varying power requirements.

Baumalight automatic voltage regulator for pto generator

High momentary surge

The QC PTO tractor generator offers high momentary surge capacity up to three times over their rated power. If there is a sudden change of load, the AVR will automatically stabilize the voltage to a near constant level, eliminating problems created by under-voltage or over-voltage fluctuations, as well as offering protection against minor and major spikes and surges.

Durable gearbox for lower operating speed


The QC PTO Generator connection panel features full load connectors and multiple receptacles with overload protection for safe and simple operation. The full load connector also features a lockable cover for additional safety measures.

Baumalight generator main power outlet

20 amp duplex receptacle

The QC PTO generators feature 2 x 20 amp duplex receptacle for additional versatility on your property when you need to run multiple pieces of equipment during a power outage.

Baumalight 20 amp receptacles.jpg

50 amp welder receptacle

Some QC generator models come with a 50 amp welder receptacle, allowing you to transport your portable QC PTO generator and plug it into a welder for remote repairs on your farm equipment.

QC Panel

Drip Proof design

The drip-proof design features ventilation on the sides of the PTO generator, allowing air to circulate through the generator but prevents drops of liquid from falling inside.

QC Generators outlets


The trailer tongue enables quick, easy connections, allowing one person to move the generator from place to place by hand. It comes in the standard 5/8” hitch pin size.

QC Tongue

Limited 2 Year/2000 hour Warranty

All Baumalight QC generators come with a Limited 2 year/2,000 hour warranty.

At Baumalight, we make it easy to get help for large repairs on your generator by offering an expansive network of motor repair centres. You can visit the Support page on our website to locate a service centre near you.

When your PTO generator requires smaller repairs, such as replacing the gearbox, tires, PTO shaft, AVR, digital display or receptacles, you can visit your local farm repair dealership to find the Baumalight part you need.

Durable gearbox for lower operating speed

10Ft cord

Included with your purchase is a 10-foot, high-quality full power cable for simple connection of the PTO generator into your system. We also offer custom cuts in any length of generator cable.

Baumalight main power cord


Every one of our QC PTO generators is tested and crated before heading to your property or home. For additional safety measures, all QC generators are shipped with the neutral bonded to the ground inside the alternator.

Baumalight generator professionally crated for shipping


The durable gear box turns the tractor’s PTO RPM into 1,800 RPM internally. This lower operating speed increases duty cycle and operating life and means less friction, heat and wear over a longer period of time. The oil-filled gearbox is also easily serviced and helps provide consistent speed and quality power.

Baumalight heavy duty gearbox for generator

Option to mount on concrete

You can make your QC PTO generator stationary by mounting it on a concrete pad; however, you should never mount a generator directly onto concrete, rock, metal or soil. We have rubber mount kits available to help the tires absorb the shock from the vibrations and high frequencies created by the generator.

To help ensure accurate and proper mounting of your generator on a concrete pad, please refer to the Mounting Dimensions manual for QC generators. These measurements are available for each model of QC generator.

Rubber mounts for mounting generator on concrete

Powder Coated Trailers

The trailer is powder-coated for additional durability, reducing corrosion from scratches, chipping and abrasion.

Baumalight powder coated generator trailers

Sheilded PTO

For additional safety measures, the fully-shielded PTO shaft is equipped with guards to prevent entanglement.

Baumalight generator with sheilded PTO


Pneumatic trailer tires make it easy to move the generator around – inside by hand and even from property to property. They also provide shock absorption and cushioning for the generator while it is operating. Bearings on the wheels allow long service life and the ability to move the trailer from farm to farm if necessary.

QC Tires


For an added cost we also offer a three point hitch deck option instead of a trailer, contact your dealer for details.

D001371 – deck for TX7 & TX12

D001378 – deck for TX18-31, QC12-30 & KR30

D001434 - deck for QC45 and up

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Model No. Connection KW Momentary Surge KW 50% Load 100% Load RPM Welder Receipt Voltage (50 amp) Volts Full Output Amps (Main Breaker) Phase Shipping Weight(lbs)
QC 12 Dedicated 12 25 9HP 21HP 540 240 120/240 50 1 645
QC 19 Dedicated 19 35 16HP 34HP 540 240 120/240 90 1 685
QC 30 Dedicated 30 85 20HP 49HP 540 240 120/240 125 1 725
QC 45 Dedicated 45 120 31HP 75HP 540 240 120/240 175 1 941
QC 55 Dedicated 55 150 42HP 89HP 540 240 120/240 225 1 1089
QC 65 Dedicated 65 180 48HP 102HP 540 240 120/240 250 1 1156
QC 80 Dedicated 80 225 55HP 122HP 1000 240 120/240 320 1 1358
QC 100 Dedicated 100 300 71HP 153HP 1000 240 120/240 400 1 1450
QC 30-2 Parallel Low WYE 30 85 20HP 49HP 540 208 120/208 100 3 779
QC 45-2 Parallel Low WYE 45 120 31HP 75HP 540 208 120/208 150 3 980
QC 68-2 Parallel Low WYE 68 190 50HP 105HP 540 208 120/208 250 3 1159
QC 105-2 Parallel Low WYE 105 315 72HP 155HP 1000 208 120/208 400 3 1474
QC 30-3 Series High Delta 30 85 20HP 49HP 540 240 120/240 90 3 779
QC 45-3 Series High Delta 45 120 31HP 75HP 540 240 120/240 150 3 980
QC 68-3 Series High Delta 68 190 50HP 105HP 540 240 120/240 225 3 1159
QC 105-3 Series High Delta 105 315 72HP 155HP 1000 240 120/240 320 3 1474
QC 30-4 Series High WYE 33 85 20HP 49HP 540 n/a 277/480 50 3 779
QC 45-4 Series High WYE 50 120 31HP 75HP 540 n/a 277/480 70 3 980
QC 68-4 Series High WYE 76 190 50HP 105HP 540 n/a 277/480 125 3 1159
QC 105-4 Series High WYE 113 315 72HP 155HP 1000 n/a 277/480 150 3 1474
QC 27-6 Dedicated 27 45 18HP 47HP 540 n/a 347/600 35 3 779
QC 50-6 Dedicated 50 130 35HP 80HP 540 n/a 347/600 60 3 1010
QC 75-6 Dedicated 75 200 52HP 110HP 1000 n/a 347/600 90 3 1175
QC 100-6 Dedicated 100 300 71HP 153HP 1000 n/a 347/600 150 3 1474
Display master

How Much Generator Power Do You Need?


  1. A typical house will take about 5KW (5000 Watts).
  2. A typical barn will take about 5KW (5000 Watts) in lighting and small appliances
  3. For a typical house and barn combination you can skip LINE 1 to 2 and enter 10KW into LINE 4.
  4. Select the items you wish to power at the same time. Using the Power Calculator, fill in the values as applicable.


  • 1000 Watts = 1 Kilowatt (KW)
  • 1 Horsepower = 1 Kilowatt (Approx.)
  • Amps x Volts = Watts


1. Average House (5KW)  5 KW
2. Average Small Shop (10KW)  10 KW
3. Total KW  KW.
4. Total HP in motors
Add Lines
Line 4 Total  HP.
5. Horse power from Largest Motor  HP.
6. Add Line 4 total and Line 5 (1HP = 1KW)  KW.
7. Add Line 3 and 6 This is the total KW needed.  KW.


Baumalight QC12 generator panel


Baumalight QC19 generator panel


Baumalight QC45 generator panel


Baumalight QC55 generator panel


Baumalight QC65 generator panel





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