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PTO Hydraulic Power Pack

A PTO Driven Hydraulic Power Pack gives your tractor the power boost it needs to increase its versatility on attachments that are powered with Hydraulic motors. With the Power Pack you can now virtually use any hydraulically driven skid steer attachment on your tractor's front end loader. A 3-point Hitch tractor mounted Hydraulic Pump allows for a wider range of use for the operation of your tractor so you can keep the power flowing!

With different pump options for a Rear PTO Hydraulic Power Pack on your tractor flow can be perfectly matched for the BrushCutt, BrushFire, Stump Blaster or any other brand you might already have.

Contact us for more details, we are very open to customizing to your PTO tractor pump hydraulic needs.


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Tank Gauges

The fuel tank has a convenient fuel gauge that allows the operator to easily track the fuel level.

Tank gauges

Hydraulic Tank Filter

The hydraulic tank comes with an easy to access hydraulic filter that filters return oil for better longevity of the hydraulic system.

Tank filter

LED Beacon light

The LED BEACON LIGHT will start flashing when the system is overheating.

LED Beacon light

Fork lift accessible

For easy handling, the hydraulic power pack has slots for forklift tines.



Large PSI pressure guage for maintaining the optimal flow that gives you a clear indication of the performance.

Pressure guage aux pressure guage


Our power coat finish is much tougher that conventional paint to stand up to the rigors of mulching and helps prevent rusting.

Powdered coated


Our powerpack comes with a oversized radiator to cool the hydraulic oil. Easy accessibility to clean the oversized hydraulic radiator.

Oversized radiator


The designed CAT 2 PH compatible tractors.

CAT 2 PH Compatible

big hydraulic reservoir

Our powerpack comes with big hydraulic reservoir with the capacity of 162 litres.

Big hydraulic reservoir

oversized gearbox

The oversized gearbox is also easily serviced and helps provide consistent speed and quality power.

Oversized gearbox

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Model No. PTO
Recommended HP Size 20-45 25-55 45-80 60-120
Maximum Engine HP 50 65 85 125
Maximum PTO HP 40 55 75 115
Transmission Hydrostatic only Any Any Any
Hydraulic GPM -- 5–20 5–20 5–20
Rotor Size 24" 24" 34" 34"
Number of Teeth 34 34 54 54
Tooth Part number S1000 S1000 S1000 S1000
Tooth Construction Carbide steel bolt-in Carbide steel bolt-in Carbide steel bolt-in Carbide steel bolt-in
Cutting Wheel Speed 540 RPM 810 RPM 810 RPM 1000 RPM
Cutting Height - Above Ground 10" 18" 25" 25"
Cutting Depth - Below Ground 6" 8" 14" 14"
Maximum Cutting Depth - Per Pass 5" 6" 9" 9"
Maximum Horizontal Cut 22" 22" 32" 32"
Swing Arc 65° 65° 65°
Hub Torque 803 Ft.-Lbs. 803 Ft.-Lbs. 803 Ft.-Lbs. 1050 Ft.-Lbs.
Over Torque Protection Slip clutch Slip clutch Slip clutch Slip clutch
Hitch Cat I Cat I or II Cat II Cat II
No. of Remotes Required - Hydraulic 0 1 or 2 1 or 2 1 or 2
Requires 12 Volt DC No No No No
Input Speed 540 540 540 1000
Unit Weight (Shipping) Lbs. 350 920 1231 1280
Width (Shipping) 48" 42" 48" 48"
Length (Shipping) 48" 49" 54" 54"
Model No. P40-540 P40-1000
Minimum Engine HP 40 50
Maximum PTO HP 110 175
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 162 litres 162 litres
Tank Filter Yes Yes
Hitch Size CAT2 CAT2
Quick hitch compatibility No No
Weight (Without Hydraulic oil) 1397 lbs. 1397 lbs.
Weight (With Hydraulic oil) 1705 lbs. 1705 lbs.
Over Torque Protection hydraulic relief valve hydraulic relief valve
Requires 12 Volt DC Yes Yes
Input Speed 540 RPM 1000 RPM
Relief setting (PSI) Adjustable Adjustable

Part #           Price
PP530 PP550 PP590
Pump CC size 47 60 108
GPM at no load 23 32 53
GPM at full load 16 22 37
Tractor HP required to drive the pump at 100% efficency
2500 37 51 85
3000 46 64 106
3300 51 70 117
4000 60 83 138
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P40-100045% + more for media
P40-54045% + more for media



Test our pre-production and prototype models for deep discounts by giving us all the necessary feedback to make sure these models meet the requirements demanded in the field. No Warranty can be provided on labour but you'll receive deep discounts through our dealer network as well as a 1 year warranty on parts* only. Baumalight understands this is not for everyone, but our discount program offers many benefits and we look forward to providing full warranty versions in the future once all product testing has been completed.

*Warranty labour must be performed by end user with no further compensation other than the deep discount off the original purchase price.


With any purchase from the following list you'll have the opportunity to work with our marketing agency to obtain photos and video footage for additional discounts or if you are located farther away we give a lesser discount for high definition pictures and video footage as well.


Be sure to inquire about our many showroom floor,light demonstrator and discounted models
with available deep discounts.

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PTO Hydraulic Power Packs

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P40-100045% + more for media19 19Pre-Production
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