Planning Ahead Pays Off for the End User

To encourage end users to plan ahead, Baumalight is offering an 8% discount on pre-ordered Mini Skidsteer Carriers. This program which is intended to be passed on to end users who can wait, so if you order your Baumalight Mini Skidsteer with an 8-week delivery date, you will receive an 8% discount on the Mini Skidsteer Carrier. This program allows us to reward you for planning ahead by providing us with more time to build your Mini Skidsteer. We often deal with longer lead times for engines and many other hydraulic parts so with this 8-week program, we can better manage those longer lead times and have lower carrying costs which helps to provide a consistent year-round production of Mini Skidsteers, and we want to pass the savings on to you.

We also try to stock a few units for those who cannot wait and offer them at full price.

Program Details:

  • Discount only applies to the wheeled and tracked Mini Skidsteer Carriers
  • Discount does not apply to any tools, accessories, options or parts
  • 8% discount program will run all year
  • The 8Week8% program is intended for the end user