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All Baumalight products are sold and serviced through our national equipment dealer network. We belive that quality products deserve a quality buying experience. This is why we trust our local equipment dealers to provide you with the product knowledge and guidance to make the right purchasing decision, then also support you after your purchase with service and maintenance support. Click the button below to find your local Baumalight equipment dealership.

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Can I buy direct?

No, Baumalight equipment is sold by Local Equipment Dealerships in your own area, this will give you local presence and help us service you better.

Where do I find support?

Your local dealer and the support page of our website.
Our products are very niche so some of our dealers have had less exposure and for this reason we put a lot of effort into our online support section to make repairs easy for everyone. Some of these documents and videos include advice and setup on auxiliary hydraulic options for your tractor, skid steer or excavator to optimize the performance of your new Baumalight attachment.

Where can I get price quotes?

Baumalight attachments are available exclusively through authorized Dealers, but our territory managers listed under our corporate contact also are happy to answer any questions you may have, including pricing and sizing information.

Sold by Equipment Dealers for local support

At Baumalight, we strive for good customer service and satisfaction and this is best insured by a local presence near you who has a long term interest in your satisfaction. Please use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you !

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