Draw The Line



If you are looking to hide and protect lines underground, Baumalight can help. Doesn’t matter if its water, gas, power, or communications, the Baumalight Trencher is designed to carve a safe haven for your cables and lines. Ideal for rural property owners, landscapers or contractors, Baumalight Trenchers quickly and efficiently carve trenches from 4" to 10" wide and up to 5 feet deep. Powered by a compact and stong planetary drive unit, Baumalight Trenchers are stong and reliable. The side auger keeps the dirt out of the trenching action but close by for back filling while the crumb scraper bar helps sweep loose material into the chain, keeping your trench clean.

Trenchers for Many Carriers

Baumalight offers a full line of trenchers that are designed to suit different carriers. Our trenchers can be easily mounted on mini skidsteers, skidsteers and 3-point hitch tractor mount.