TN760 Trencher for Skidsteer or Tractor

Cut deep trenchers with even more power with the TN760, Baumalight’s most powerful trencher for skidsteers or tractors. Save time and money the next time you need to cut a trench to safely bury water lines, gas lines, drainage pipe or electrical lines. Ideal for farmers, landscapers or contractors, Baumalight’s TN760 Trencher will quickly cut trenches an impressive 5 feet deep and between 6” to 10” wide. The TN760 Trencher is powered by a planetary drive system. With no roller chain to worry about, the planetary drive unit delivers hydraulic power directly to the sprocket of the digging chain for optimal trenching performance.
For even more versatility, the TN760 Trencher can be mounted to a skidsteers between 4000 and 10,000 lbs. or to a tractor using the optional 3-point hitch tractor mount.

side auger

Baumalight Trenchers are designed with a convenient side auger. The side auger keeps the dirt clear from the trenching action but still near the trench when it’s time for back filling.

TrenchAxe side auger

crumb scraper bar

The Trencher has a crumb scraper bar as standard equipment, this helps to scrape and sweep extra dirt and debris into the chain where it is lifted out of the trench. The heavy construction and hinged design mean that the scraper performs no matter what depth of trench you are digging.

Crumb scraper bar


The sealed drive keeps the dirt out and the trencher going. The compact and stron g planetary drive unit delivers the hydraulic power directly to the sprocket of the digging chain for good digging performance. There are no roller chains that jump or stretch. Maximum torque transfer. The motor is mounted directly in-line with the main sprocket.

Planetary Drive System

solid steel nose

The Baumalight Trencher’s heavy duty nose is precision machined from a piece of solid steel. It runs freely on dual tapered roller bearings to deal with the extreme forces of trenching.

Dirt is the enemy of all bearings. A precision machined washer protects the bearings from rocks and dirt. This initial barricade is reinforced by the rubber seal on the bearings, finishing the job is the easily accessible grease fitting which keeps the bearings lubricated and protected from moisture and keeps our nose running freely.

Solid steel nose

adjustable chain tension

Adjusting the chain tension with a couple of pumps. The grease cylinder tensioner allows you to adjust the tension of the chain quickly with only a grease gun. By applying grease to an internal cylinder the roller nose is pushed forward taking the slack out of the chain. What could be a long frustrating process is now a few quick pumps.

Adjustable chain tension

3PH Tractor Mount (Optional)

This Baumalight Trencher can also be mounted to a tractor. The optional 3-point hitch tractor mount has a cylinder that provides angle and depth control. To use this 3PH adapter, your tractor must have a hydro-static drive. Two hydraulic remotes are required, kits are available for tractors with only one set of external hydraulic connections.

3PH Tractor Mount


This optional external control kit is mounted on an adjustable arm. The control is great for smaller tractors with limited HP and for tractors with only one hydraulic remote.

3PH External Control

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  TN236 TN336 TN548 TN560 TN760 TNX548
Trencher Depth 36" 36" 48" 60" 60" 48"
Trencher Width 4" to 6" 4" to 6" 6" to 10" 6" to 10" 6" to 10" 6" to 10"
Drive type Planetary Planetary Planetary Planetary Planetary Planetary
Main shaft size 2-9/16" solid hardened steel 2-9/16" solid hardened steel 2-9/16" solid hardened steel 2-9/16" solid hardened steel Hex solid hardened steel 2-9/16" solid hardened steel
Over torque protection Hydraulic relief Hydraulic relief Hydraulic relief Hydraulic relief Hydraulic relief Hydraulic relief
Horse Power (HP) 40 - 100 40 - 100 40 - 100 40 - 100 40 - 100 40 - 100
Min. / Max. GPM Skidsteer 10 to 20 10 to 20 12 to 25 12 to 25 20 to 42 18 to 25
Min. / Max. GPM Tractor/Excavator N/A 15 to 21 18 to 25 22 to 25 28 to 42 20 to 25
Weight 810 lbs. 850 lbs. 1,250 lbs. 1,500 lbs. 1,800 lbs. 1,250 lbs.
TrenchAxe TrenchAxe

Chain Options

The included chain is equipped with Hardened and reinforced cup style cutting teeth in a 6 inch cutting width. Optional and replacement chains are available in 6", 8" and 10" widths. Depending on your trenching needs a bullet style tooth is also available for rocky soil conditions. Contact us for help picking your chain size and teeth style and configuration.

Model TNX548

48“ x 6" Standard cup tooth chain S4806 1250
48“ x 8" Standard cup tooth chain S4808 1260
48“ x 10" Standard cup tooth chain S4810 1270
48“ x 6” 50/50 rock & cup tooth chain M4806 1284
48“ x 8” 50/50 rock & cup tooth chain M4808 1290
48“ x 10” 50/50 rock & cup tooth chain M4810 1310

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TN2361616Mini skidsteer. Not all chain sizes in stock.
TN336616Not all chain sizes in stock
TN548-6" cup1010Cup
TN548-6" 50/501010MTB50/50
TN548-8" cup1111Cup
TN548-8" 50/50111150/50
TN548-10" cup2121Cup
TN548-10" 50/50212150/50
TN560-6" cup1616Cup
TN560-6" 50/50161650/50
TN560-8" cup1616Cup
TN560-8" 50/50161650/50
TN560-10" cup1616Cup
TN560-10" 50/50161650/50
TN7602121New modelHigh flow
3-Point Adapter1717


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