3pt hitch

3-Point Hitch - PTO Stump Grinders

The Baumalight PTO stump grinders are available in 4 different models. From the simple and basic 1P24, to the large 3P40 good for up to 120 Hp. Power take off stump grinders takes all of your tractors power and is direct all the way to the stump. Check out our number of teeth, more stump grinder teeth means smoother, more efficient cutting because more teeth share the work and each stump grinder tooth as a smaller load. Like the finest saw blades, the cutting teeth on Stump Blasters are carbide tipped. This incredibly hard material ensures reliable cutting performance. When grinding stumps, buried hazards are inevitable; gravel, stones even metal posts are not uncommon to “find”. Our carbide teeth are designed to stand up to this abuse and keep on blasting stumps to dust. The high number of teeth means that each tooth does less work. Each of the Stump Blasters teeth only need to make a small cut, because the work is shared by more of these rugged teeth, which last longer and typically only need 2 or 3 replaced at a time. The bolt-on designed teeth allow for straightforward replacement. All PTO stump grinder units are shipped standard with PTO shaft, and when applicable, standard quick couplers. Grease zerks and replaceable brass bushings are provided at each major pivot point to extend the service life of your stump blaster.

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Model No. 1P24 3P24 3P34 3P40
Recommended HP Size 20-45 25-55 45-80 60-120
Maximum Engine HP 50 65 85 125
Maximum PTO HP 40 55 75 115
Unit Weight (Shipping) Lbs. 350 920 1231 1280
42in Root Base
1P 24
Price 20Hp 30Hp 40Hp 60Hp 70Hp 80Hp 90Hp 120Hp
-- 30 min 20 min 15 min -- -- -- -- --

1P24 only must but mounted on a hydrostatic drive tractor

3P 24
Price 20Hp 30Hp 40Hp 60Hp 70Hp 80Hp 90Hp 120Hp
-- -- 15 min 12 min 10 min -- -- -- --
3P 34
Price 20Hp 30Hp 40Hp 60Hp 70Hp 80Hp 90Hp 120Hp
-- -- -- -- 6 min 5 min 4 min -- --
3P 40
Price 20Hp 30Hp 40Hp 60Hp 70Hp 80Hp 90Hp 120Hp
-- -- -- -- 6 min 5 min 4 min 3 min 2 min
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Model Number Discount Available Lead time to build
first order
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Location Notes Discount Description
WB4410% MTBNew unit in a crate that has sat round for a while
HGW3010% MTBRefurbished HGW30 BL1009517 with full warranty
1P24 MTBDiscount on multiples of two
D005735 Extension bracket kit for 1P24
S1050 S1050 valve kit (shipped w/o stump grinder)
3P24-S1050 S1050 kit mounted.
3P34-S10507% 1 in stock in green, color is free and discount on the unit (BL1011875) S1050 kit mounted.
3P40-S1050 S1050 kit mounted.
S14-S250 MTBStock w/S250 and D001126 mini plate
S1660% + more for media Pre-Production Discount
S18-S450 MTBStock w/D001127 plate
S18-S550 MTBStock w/D001127 plate
S18-S650 MTB


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2023-04-07Good Friday
2023-05-22Victoria Day