Here’s the Scoop on Small Trees

The X4M Tree Scoop is an economical way to move small trees quickly and easily. Mounted on a skidsteer, the X4M features a simple and rugged design that gives the operator an excellent view while planting. With 1/4" high alloy steel that hardens with use, a reinforced frame and sharp digging point, the X4M is guaranteed to get the job done.

Nomad X4M


The 8 panel structured shape gives the scoop added strength and an aggressive tip for digging.
This Scoop is made of ¼” AR400 Steel


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Model X4M X4C X4S X4B
Tree Size (Evergreen) 1.5" 1.5" 2" 2"
Tree Size (Hardwood) 1" 1" 1.5" 1.5"
Root Ball Diameter 22" 22" 28" 28"
Root Ball Depth 20" 20" 25" 25"
Blade Thickness 1/4" High Alloy 1/4" High Alloy 1/4" High Alloy 1/4" High Alloy
Blade Truncation Sharp Sharp Sharp Sharp
Skid Steer Attachment Standard Mini Skidsteer Bobcat Mini Skidsteer Standard Universal Blank Weld-On
Loader adapter - Availability / Model - - Bolt-on -
Width - Scoop (Plate) 23" (24") 23" (36") 28" (44") 28" (44")
Length 35" 36" 43" 43"
How it Works Step 1

Step 1

Find the location you want to move your tree to. Position the scoop at a defined direction, say North. Push in and scoop your divot.

How it Works Step 2

Step 2

Lift up and transport to divot. Try to keep as much of the original soil around the root ball to ease shock.

How it Works Step 3

Step 3

Align scooped tree with original divot. Angle and place tree.

Note: Trees become more tolerant to hot afternoon sun on one side. Changing their orientation can burn foliage.

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Location Notes Discount Description
X4MStock15Mini skid steer scoop
X4C1515Bobcat mini skid steer scoop
X4SStock5MTB - FREE RIDEAdditional discount when ordered with another unit. Call for details
ST32455All control options
ST33059All control options
PT3301218 (M&E)
SS3308%66All control optionsDemo Unit - Wireless
PS3301218 (M&E)
PT4401319 (M&E) 7M frame in stock
ST6501317Electric or manual controls
ST650 wireless lead time few months.
9M11263PH for ST650
TR65025%Stock58MTBUsed for photo/video shoot
D0015421515Out Riggers
Add 15 Business Days for 3PT Hitch Adaptors for Holt Spades


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