Wheeled Mini Skidsteer

Working to design a compact design this short that has versatility and wide range of attachments, the Baumalight Compact wheeled mini tool carriers are designed to easily navigate through tight spaces and are offered with two speed as an option. The hydrostatic drive is set up with true joystick controls with hydraulic pilot lines just like large skidsteers have. The remote hydraulic pump system with case drain delivers hydraulic flow that can be set to maximum engine capacity and the self-levelling bucket reduces spills and provides extra control when loading and unloading material. The Honda gas powered Baumalight mini skidsteers features durable tires designed like wheels for large skidsteers that can handle uneven or rough terrain, and ride-on platform raised for improved visibility while maneuvering through confined areas.

A three-pump hydraulic operating system is used, one for hydraulic flow to run the machine’s auxiliary & boom and two pumps for the propulsion system, one for each side. There also is a dedicated oil cooler to better manage hydraulic heat generation.

In the future we only will sell our WRL58G wheeled mini skidsteer through dealers, but right now we will consider selling new prototype & used tested units direct to the public if the buyer is mechanically inclined, and doesn’t run an operation where down-time costs a lot of money.

Engine Hp 22.1 Hp 688 cm 24.5 HP
Engine Type Gas Diesel
Engine Brand Honda Kubota
Drive type Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Drive control Joy stick Joy stick
Carriage Tires Tracks
Ground weight (per sq. in) - 4 lbs
Releif setting (psi) 2,800 3,000
GPM under no load 11 10.5
Boom control Joy stick Joy stick
Self Leveling optional yes
Width (without bucket) 38" 40"
Ground clearance 8" 6.5"
Length (without bucket) 62" 70"
Pin heights 70" 76"
Tipping (lifting) front edge of bucket - 1,800 lbs
Same as above with extra weight 800 lbs -
Tipping (lifting) without any attachment - 3,500 lbs
Same as above with extra weight 1,750 lbs -
Weight without bucket (lbs) - 3,190
Same as above with extra weight 2,200 lbs -
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WHEELED_MINI_SKIDSTEERDeep discount on prototype
Wheeled mini skidsteers



Test our pre-production and prototype models for deep discounts by giving us all the necessary feedback to make sure these models meet the requirements demanded in the field. No Warranty can be provided on labour but you'll receive deep discounts through our dealer network as well as a 1 year warranty on parts* only. Baumalight understands this is not for everyone, but our discount program offers many benefits and we look forward to providing full warranty versions in the future once all product testing has been completed.

*Warranty labour must be performed by end user with no further compensation other than the deep discount off the original purchase price.


With any purchase from the following list you'll have the opportunity to work with our marketing agency to obtain photos and video footage for additional discounts or if you are located farther away we give a lesser discount for high definition pictures and video footage as well.


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