Incisor Skid-Shear

Skidsteer Hydraulic Tree Shear

Turn Your Skid-Steer, into a Skid-Shear

Baumalight AUX Electrical ConnectionThe Incisor Skidsteer mounted tree shear lets you take down trees up to 12" in diameter from the cab of your skidsteer. The powerful jaw shears the tree at ground level, while the integrated brush bar directs the felling action. Models are currently in pre-production contact Baumalight for the latest offers and promotions on a model that is right for you.

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Model # Carrier Blade Angle Limb Size Grabber
ISH308 Skid Steer Horizontal 8  
ISH512 Skid Steer Horizontal 12  
ISR508 Skid Steer Rotating 8  
ISR512 Skid Steer Rotating 12  
ISH510-G Skid Steer Horizontal 10 Grabber
ISH512-G Skid Steer Horizontal 12 Grabber
ISH610-G Skid Steer Horizontal 10 Grabber