DropSaw Tree Saw for Excavator

Excavators can go where tractors and skid steers cannot. This gives you greater access to areas that have had to be cleared by hand in the past. DropSaw is currently offered in 4 different options for hydraulic-driven excavator mounted tree saws, they all come with Advanced Hydraulics for longer motor life, replaceable carbit teeth on an AR-400 blade with wind down protection. Ideal for high speed pasture clearing, right-of-way clearing, and trimming limbs along fence rows. Flow is important so if you don’t know how much flow your skidsteer has then check out our flow & pressure data base.

Model # DXH530 DXV530 DXA530 DXH752
ADAPTOR Blank Weld-On Blank Weld-On Blank Weld-On Blank Weld-On
Blade Angle Horizontal Vertical 180° Horizontal
Rotation Fixed Fixed Actuator Fixed
Max Cut (inches) 10" 10" 10" 20"
Hydraulic Flow & Pressure Hydraulic Flow & Pressure
Updated as of February 21, 2019 4:55 PM EST


Date Description

Drop Saw

Model Number Discount Available Number of Business Days
to build first order
Number of Business Days
to build next order
Location Notes Discount Description
DSH2302525BPPrototype, Planning changes for next one. Never sold this size but will give full warrenty
DSM53020% to 50%5858DSH & DSV Combined to create manual rotation model - can be mounted horizontal or verticalPreproduction
A pivot (90 degree rotation) version (vertical/horizontal one side) would be priced about half way between a fixed version and an actuator (180 degree) version
DSA530616BPAdd 1 day for AUX set-up
DXM530Stock10DXH & DXV Combined to create manual rotation model - can be mounted horizontal or vertical
DXA530Stock15With T530 motor
DXA75220% to 50%4545PreproductionPreproduction
FBS75240%3535Feller BuncherPreproduction
DPH73535%2525NYModel Number Changed due to designing a more economical model - List Price $11,968.00Show Unit - 35" Cutting Wheel with Quadco Teeth


Date Description
2019-04-19Good Friday
2019-05-20Victoria Day
2019-07-01Canada Day
2019-08-05Civic Holiday
2019-09-02Labour Day
2019-10-14Canadian Thanksgiving