3-Point Hitch tree saw

We are working to design a number of tractor mounting PTO powered tree saw models and welcome feed back in exchange for preproduction discounts. Our goal is to sell through dealers and then work with end users on feedback and product improvement. Tractor mounted tree saws are useful to develop farmland, clean up fence lines, woodlot and pasture cleanup solutions. This first power take off tree saw features a 35” cutting disc that can take up to 12” trees and is equipped with 18 Beaver cutting teeth from Quadco. The Quadco teeth are made from high-grade alloy steel, heat treated to a high Rockwell rating, while not being brittle.

The Beaver style, with its straight edges, is much more durable than the Concave and keeps a better cutting edge longer. Tips can be re-sharpened right on the blade with a teeth grinder. Holders and teeth are fully rotatable and reversible. This will double the life of the tooth, reduce operating costs, as you double your tips for less than 1/3 more.

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Model # DPH530 DPH735
Max Engine HP 50 Hp Maximum Engine 85 Hp Maximum Engine
Max PTO HP 40 Hp Maximum PTO 75 Hp Maximum PTO
Adaptor CAT 1 3-point hitch CAT 2 3-point hitch
Quick hitch compatibility Yes No
Rotation Fixed Horizontal Blade Fixed Horizontal Blade
Input Speed 540 Drive Shaft 540 Drive Shaft
Over Torque Protection Slip clutch Gearbox protection Slip clutch Gearbox protection
Blade Diameter 30" Blade Diameter (10" Max Cut) 35" Blade Diameter (12" Max Cut)
Blade Material AR400 Blade Material Steel Blade Material
Cut Thickness 3/4" Cut Thickness 1.5/8" Cut Thickness
Number of Teeth 15 High Speed Teeth with 3 Edges Per Tooth 12 Beaver Teeth with 4 Edges Per Tooth
Type of Teeth Replacement Teeth: G3000 High Speed Teeth* Replacement Teeth: B8000 Beaver Teeth*
Weight 525 lbs 1950 lbs
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Show Unit - 35" Cutting Wheel with Quadco Teeth



Test our pre-production and prototype models for deep discounts by giving us all the necessary feedback to make sure these models meet the requirements demanded in the field. No Warranty can be provided on labour but you'll receive deep discounts through our dealer network as well as a 1 year warranty on parts* only. Baumalight understands this is not for everyone, but our discount program offers many benefits and we look forward to providing full warranty versions in the future once all product testing has been completed.

*Warranty labour must be performed by end user with no further compensation other than the deep discount off the original purchase price.


With any purchase from the following list you'll have the opportunity to work with our marketing agency to obtain photos and video footage for additional discounts or if you are located farther away we give a lesser discount for high definition pictures and video footage as well.


Be sure to inquire about our many showroom floor,light demonstrator and discounted models
with available deep discounts.

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Date Description

Drop Saw

Model Number Discount Available Number of Business Days
to build first order
Number of Business Days
to build next order
Location Notes Discount Description
DSM230Stock27Extended lead time on 46cc gear motor option. DSH & DSV Combined to create manual rotation model - can be mounted horizontal or vertical
DSM5301823Extended lead time on 46cc gear motor option. DSH & DSV Combined to create manual rotation model - can be mounted horizontal or vertical
DSA5301823BPExtended lead time on 46cc gear motor option. Add 1 day for AUX set-up
DXM5301722Extended lead time on 46cc gear motor option. DXH & DXV Combined to create manual rotation model - can be mounted horizontal or vertical.
DXA5301722MTBExtended lead time on 46cc gear motor option.
DXD75225% to 35%137137Preproduction - $35,000 List PricePreproduction/Media Discount
DPH5301717MTNew Green teeth design
DPH73510%3232Preproduction Show Unit - 35" Cutting Wheel with Quadco Teeth


Date Description
2020-12-25Christmas Day
2020-12-31Closed all week of Dec 28 - Do not count these days for lead-time