One Bit Fits 4 Drives

The Pengo Interlok system of auger bits and couplers offers exceptional versatility—you can now connect to more drive sizes with one bit. Equipped with an innovative coupler system, Interlok Agressor augers feature a heavy-duty twist lock collar on the bits. Drive side couplers are available in 2" and 2 9/16" round and 2" and 2½" hex sizes to fit the most common drive sizes.

Connecting an Interlok bit to your drive is easy:

  • Slide the collar into the drive coupler
  • Twist to lock
  • Tighten the locking bolts

The locking bolts are fully-recessed to protect them during operation and the ball action ensures they will not loosen until you are ready for your next change. Get Interlok augers and share your bits.

2 in. HEX Drive
2.5 in. HEX Drive
2 in. Round Drive
2-9/16 in. Round Drive
Pengo Interlok