The cutting wheel is powered by the PTO (540) on your tractor with the swing and lift cylinders activated by the standard remotes on the tractor as well. 34 teeth on a 24" cutter and 54 teeth on a 34" cutter means less cutting for each tooth resulting in longer tooth life and smoother cutting for less wear on your tractor.

Units are shipped standard with PTO shaft and standard quick couplers. The floating deflector contains the chips and debris and can be swung completely out of the way to cut close to fences.

Grease zerks and replaceable brass bushings provided at major pivot points for extended service life. Heavy tooth population makes finer mulch and allows much smoother operation.

See it in action


Flow Control adjustment on Stump Blaster

Flow Control

Go with the flow.

Make sure you adjust your flow control. This control allows you to adjust the cutting sweep to get the smothest cut possible, the full return allows you to return to the start of the cutting sweep as quickly as possible.

The Flow Control allows you to fine tune the cutting pass speed, to match the size and performance of your tractor.

Clearance and Teeth on Stump Blaster in action

More Teeth

The high number of teeth means that each tooth needs to do less work. Each of the Stump Blasters teeth only need to make a small cut, because the work is shared by more of these rugged teeth, which last longer and typically only need 2 or 3 replaced at a time. The bolt-on designed teeth allow for straightforward replacement.

Carbide Tipped Cutting Teeth on Stump Blaster

Carbide Tipped

Like the finest saw blades, the cutting teeth on Stump Blasters are carbide tipped. This incredibly hard material ensures reliable cutting performance. When grinding stumps, buried hazards are inevitable, gravel, stones even metal posts are not uncommon to "find". Our carbide teeth are designed to stand up to this abuse and keep on blasting stumps to dust.

Teeth on Stump Blaster in action

More Clearance

The Stump Blaster's carbide teeth extend a full 1 1/4 inches from the rotor. This prevents chips and mulch from getting plugged. More chip clearing produces smoother operation and reduces heat build-up that can damage the rotor and cause premature tooth failure.

External control on Stump Blaster

External Control (Optional)

This optional control is mounted on an adjustable arm. The control is great for smaller tractors with limited HP for better cutting control and for tractors with only one remote.

Part #S1050

Stump Blaster gear box

Gear Box

The rugged gear box transfers power from the tractor's PTO to the rotor creating 803 Ft.-Lbs of torque turning the rotor and hungry teeth at 810 RPM.

Floating Deflector on Stump Blaster

Floating Deflector

The deflector floats as you grind providing chip and debris control from first cut to maximum depth without getting in the way. In tight grinding situations the deflector can be flipped up out of the way.

 Stump Blaster PTO in action


The 540 PTO driven Stump Blasters are designed for 3 point hitch mount to your 20-85 HP tractors.

The 3P40 requires a 60-120 HP tractor with a 1000 RPM PTO.

Rotor on Stump Blaster


The massive 3/4 inch thick steel rotor provides the back bone for the Stump Blaster Cutting system. It is the anchor for the carbide tipped teeth. For smooth operation it is important that the rotor remains solid with no flexing. The rugged rotor also provides the Stump Blaster with the extra momentum needed when the grinding is tough, making sure the Stump Blaster can power through the hardest stumps.

 Stabilizer base on Stump Blaster

Stabilizer Base

The heavy duty base provides a solid base for grinding. This allows for more consistent grinding performance and reduces the stress on your tractor.